Healthy Media Consumption

  • I watch zero cable news.
  • I don’t read Twitter.
  • I use Facebook only to keep up with people who I care about personally. I tell myself to never, never comment on or share political posts on Facebook.

  • On my blog, I do not comment on any story I come across for at least 48 hours. Often, this means that I do not comment at all, because many stories do not stay in the news cycle more than two days. I almost never publish any post immediately. Instead, I schedule posts several days ahead. I am trying to make sure that I engage system 2 (sober and reflective) rather than system 1 (emotional and instinctive).
  • I try to give priority to long-form reading: books, essays, and journal articles. I also give priority to my own writing. Still, I need to get better about limiting the time that I spend on short-term reading.
  • I believe that it is a good idea to keep all devices in airplane mode for a 24-hour period once a week. I have difficulty executing this one, particularly when I travel.
  • I spend at least an hour a day doing physical activity (for me, it’s walking or biking or working out in the basement) accompanied by nothing but my thoughts and daydreams.
  • My sleep-time ritual is to curl up with a physical book or journal.

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One of the guys named Smith who was once a consultant. This is not his first rodeo. Or his second or third.
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