Me and Bill Gibson

I’ve gradually become less of a fan of Gibson, after years of reading one after another of his books. His first few, Neuromancer, Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive with enthusiasm, later ones with somewhat less as I actually got involved in middling-early (pre-WWW) Internet and the world of UNIX and actual technology.

Cheryl, my sister-in-law sold Gibson a house so we started getting autographed hard-copies starting in ’93, and I read them, but gradually lost interest in dystopian SciFi. So, when Kevin Kelly linked to this interview which referred to a new novel Agency I didn’t immediately run out and buy it, but was interested enough to read it (“do I have agency” being a test for “how to stay out of trouble with stuff going on around me” these days). His thought of using a “fuckedness quotient” as a guiding light for creativity might explain how it is that my interest has tapered off,

Still, in the interview, he says, “I think I’ve learned that we need, individually, to find those areas in our lives where we do possess agency, and attempt to use it appropriately. And it seems to me that’s evidenced most attractively in maintaining an operative sense of humor.”

Can’t argue too much with that. Might peek at his new novel and give it a taste – Kindle’s “Free Samples” are a god-send while I can’t get to a library.

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