The More Things Change…

Today (or maybe yesterday, or according to Wikipedia, August 14!) seems to be Kevin Kelly’s 68th b’day. Saw this link to 68 things he’s learned. Some good ‘uns.

Paging back through his “Technium” posts, There are a few things I’d like to keep track of.

I wonder how well this will age (from January 9, 2020):
This is true: “To a degree still difficult for outsiders to absorb, China is preparing to shape the twenty-first century, much as the U.S. shaped the twentieth.” From the must read article:

Or this one:
The question “why do the Chinese people like their current government?” is answered here with great intelligence, insight and empathy. I think this article is 100% correct from my personal experience of my extensive time in China. Link

His more recent Technium posts have some good reflections on the Virus situation as it unfolded, but as it’s still unfolding as we creep up on the end of April, why not leave it at that…

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