The Mantra

From that supposed Welshman, Ianto Watt:

Here’s the drill, Private. The American version of Mao’s Chi-Coms are running wild, but only in Sector R (all you FireSign Theatre fans who will understand this allusion). Sector R is colored blue, if you haven’t noticed. If you’re trapped in the Blue Sector, there’s only one answer when they demand you kneel before their Black Flag. You have to tell them that only kneel before God. And God created all men. There’s only one race, the Human Race. And we’re all equally created before Him. If I were to bow before someone simply based on the difference in skin color, I would be saying there’s more than one race. My belief says that’s not true. And the name of this belief is ‘Catholic’. We’re not allowed to be willingly stupid. That’s called sin.

Catholic? Yeah, sure! You’re Catholic, too. Sure you are. You’ve been baptized, right? Well then, you’re Catholic, idiot. Don’t take offense, brother, most Catholics are idiots, too. Relax. Sure, you may see yourself as a Little ‘c’ Catholic, but that’s okay. If you’ve been baptized, we’re brothers. And Purgatory will cleanse us both (get ready, idiots). Me too. I’m an idiot as well. I’ve got plenty of my own baggage.

So, when the Blue Crew demands your allegiance, just point out that as a Catholic (capitalized or not), you are forbidden to be stupid. As in ‘racist’. You see every man as fallen, just like yourself. In need of forgiveness. And in search of the one who can give it. To all of us. And then, invite them to ask forgiveness of their sins.

Forget defense. Turn the tables. Play offense. Do the smart thing when you’re ahead. Run out the clock. Even if you have to take a few penalties.

How do we do that? Simple, brother. Repeat the mantra. The mantra that can get us past this period of imminent self-danger. The danger of doing something, anything, to break the fear gripping our minds. The fear that doing nothing is worse than anything we could actively do in the face of this madness. This is the danger—thinking that anything is better than nothing. But when you’re in a dream state, especially a bad dream state, nothing is the safest thing there is.

So we must think about nothing except awakening beyond the dream. And then remembering, and reconnecting, with reality. That is what the mantra does. It constantly reminds us that there is something beyond this state, and that it is inevitably approaching. Second by second. Minute by excruciating minute. But its arrival is certain. All you have to do is keep chanting this till it arrives.

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