Churches have neglected that dishonesty is a sin

Dr. Bruce G. Charlton, retired theoretical biologist and Christian blogger, had some important things to say about the Church, our management culture, and Official Science back in January:

“The real Christian churches have been pretty solid concerning the reality (and identity) of sexual sins; but have neglected dishonesty – which is surely the most pervasive sin of modernity among the middle, professional and leadership classes.

“Consequently, churches have become strategically dishonest – without awareness, hence without repentance – and this is a factor in their continuing corruption: their absorption-into The System.

“This has happened because The West has become dominated by bureaucracy; management has become the most frequent job and activity of the upper classes – and management is intrinsically dishonest in its nature and operations.

“I have seen this happen through my adult life in science, academia, education and medicine – but most strikingly in science. From 1985-2000 British science went from being almost wholly honest to being almost wholly dishonest. The corruption was earlier in other systems.

“And when the leadership have become habitually, pervasively, calculatedly dishonest – then everything will fall apart; because in a system permeated by lies and distortions, nobody knows anything about anything.”

There’s more and it’s all worth reading.

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